This City This Town

Oilpaint, oilstick, charcoal & vertual drawing on half canvas & half virtual white paper 100x100x4cm ©borgdenobel2018

Back On Top

Mixed paints on 80x80x4cm canvas ©borgdenobel2018

Cross Legged

Oilpaint, spraypaint, oilstick & permanent marker on 80x80x4cm canvas ©borgdenobel2017

Blank Your Eyes

Oilpaint, oilstick, acrylics & charcoal on palletframed canvas 65x65x6cm Blank your eyes cover thy virtues in thin layers of extra multi substrate because you can ©borgdenobel2017


Oilpaint, crêpepaper, acrylics & permanent marker on pallet framed canvas 65x65x6cm ©borgdenobel2017

All The Quarters That Fall

Turtlewax, oilpaint, litophone pigment, acrylics, permanent marker & oilstick on 100x100x4cm canvas ©borgdenobel2017

Do You Read Me?

Oilpaint, oilstick, spraypaint, litophone pigment, acrylics & permanent marker on 100x100x4cm canvas ©borgdenobel2017


Oilpaint, spraypaint, oilstick, charcoal & chalk on 100x100x4cm canvas ©borgdenobel2017