Born in Zeist, Netherlands in 1965 Currently living & working in Kwadijk in The Netherlands

I don’t paint what’s there, I paint what’s not there.

I use the canvas as a musical instrument, drumming the paint in its place. Playing the cello with the backside of a brush. Loving the mixing and smearing and scraping and wiping around the mess I make. I don’t work in layers as such but do tend to paint over what I just painted or wrote, words or lines that stick in my head onto the canvas and when the work is done only 2 letters might have survived. It leaves space for wonder there…what is it I’m seeing?

The same with colors or spaces it’s almost impossible for me to not touch every inch of the canvas. I don’t paint what’s there, I paint what’s not there…!

I like it if you can see that whatever the image represents it’s made of paint. Give me a thousand canvases and I’ll paint you the world over & over.

1979/1985: Silkscreen printing, mural painting, dancing, band playing, traveling & painting, theatre playing & housebuilding, Groningen, Netherlands

1986: Modeling, traveling, drawing, painting, New York City, USA

1987: Lithography, Art Students League, New York City, USA

1988: Painting, traveling, road trip across the states from San Francisco to Washington DC by car in 3 days, USA

1989: Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1990/1994: printing, painting, drawing, drumming, theatre playing, East- Berlin, Germany 

1996/1998: Sailor

2000/2016: Traveling, sailing, painting, working with mentally challenged peoples, house building, Netherlands & Hungary

2016/2021: Building own house & studio, painting, working with less abled peoples, Kwadijk, Netherlands