In my work I use any material suitable to work with and can be called paint or leave a mark. I’ve collected earth and shells of which I make pigments, I use charcoal a lot and oilpaint sticks, nice and greasy. Sometimes I even use tar or shoe-polish or dust or cement or I stick flotsam onto the canvas, but my main medium is oilpaint because it smells so good and gives me time. Acrylic paint dries nice and fast and opaque but the thickness of oilpaint leaves time to think where to go…and maybe change it, or maybe even mix it with another medium so it acts different from how it “should”. Thats how I experiment and can still pretend I’m a bit of an alchemist. I love the mixing and smearing and scraping and dancing around the mess I make. It always works out fine. I don’t work in layers as such but I do tend to paint over what I just painted or wrote, I write words or lines that stick in my head onto the canvas and when the work is done only 2 letters might have survived. The same with colors or spaces it’s almost impossible for me to not touch every inch of the canvas , yet thats something I really like about my work, it still looks simple. I like it if you can see that whatever the image represents it’s made of paint.

The Freedom not to know what I come up with makes it all the more interesting for me. Painting is my road from the world around me to the unknown and my way out… I don’t think subject matter, I think color and line, composition, song…poetry.

Born in Zeist, Netherlands in 1965 At the moment I live & work in Kwadijk in The Netherlands

self portrait of me as a boss