Split Infinity

Oilpaint, silverpigments, charcoal, markers & acrylic paint on 100x100x4cm canvas ©️borgdenobel2019🤠

Some Blunt = Sharp

[It’s the cut that does the bleeding, not the sharpness of the knife] Oilpaint, spraypaint, marker, charcoal, acrylics & lithopone pigment on 40x40cm canvas

Memory Lane

Oilpaint, markers & charcoal on 100x100x4cm canvas ©️borgdenobel2019🤠

De Monsters Zijn Echt

Oilpaint & oilstick & charcoal on 100x100x4cm canvas Inspired by the Belgian band ‘Het Zesde Metaal’ ©️🤠borgdenobel2019


Oilpaint, charcoal & acrylic paint on 100x100x4cm canvas ©️borgdenobel2019