Flight of Voices

We are so very excited to present the official digital release of January’s ‘Originals Series’ flight ft. Jacob Luttrell, Jett Kwong, Dave Yaden & Ilys. Now you can stream these incredible original songs on all major platforms. Huge thank you to a brand new member of our community Borg De Nobel for the stunning artwork….

Just You Watch

Oilpaint on 100x100cm canvas (wip) ©️borgdenobel2018

Some Cats Are Dogs

Oilpaint, paintstick & charcoal on linen 40x40x4cm ©️borgdenobel2018

Except For The Birds

Oilpaint oilstick over a work of my dad on 100x100x6 cm linen ©️borgdenobel2018

All Things (So Much A Do!)

All Things (So Much A Do) Oilpaint, acrylics & oilstick on 120x120cm canvas #painting #contemporaryart #oilpaint #fineart #modernart #oilstick #contemporary #abstractfigurative #mybussiness #colors #alchemy ©️borgdenobel2018