There Was Once In Paris A Walking Band

abstract figurative, Art, Contemporary Art, Figurative, Language, Life, Music, Painting, Poetry, Portrait, Punk Rock, Words

Oilpaint, marker & charcoal on 80x80x4cm canvas


Flight of Voices

Abstract Expressionism, Art, Contemporary Art, figurative, Figurative, Life, Music, Painting, Poetry, Punk Rock

We are so very excited to present the official digital release of January’s ‘Originals Series’ flight ft. Jacob Luttrell, Jett Kwong, Dave Yaden & Ilys. Now you can stream these incredible original songs on all major platforms. Huge thank you to a brand new member of our community Borg De Nobel for the stunning artwork. Stream, download and share away! Enjoy.


Apple Music:


Transitory Life

Abstract Expressionism, Art, Art Brut, Contemporary Art, Life, Music, Painting, Poetry, Punk Rock, Words

Oilpaint, oilstick, acrylics, charcoal, spraypaint & permanent marker on 100x100x4cm canvas