To Get Things Right

Oilpaint, oilstick & charcoal on 80x90x4cm canvas


Somewhere Somehow

Oilpaint, acrylics & marker on 30x30x4cm canvas


Off They Went To Get Some Herring

Oilpaint, acrylics and charcoal on 70×85 wooden framed canvas

©️borgdenobel 2019

Forest Dreams And Residue

Oilpaint, acrylics & markers on 70x85cm canvas


When Summer Is Easy

Oilpaint, marker & charcoal on 90x90cm canvas


Flying Cup & Saucer At Night Above Sealevel

Oilpaint, copper pigmentpowder & charcoal on 120x160cm canvas


Noardlike Fryske Wâlden

Oilpaint & charcoal on 80x80x4cm canvas



Details of tumbling crowns in Rembrandt style oilpainting on 120x160cm canvas


I got your letter..

I got your letter, I couldn’t read it

It was a cryptogram.

Did it say take me with you, or take me as I am?

Oil & acrylics on 120x160cm canvas


Parallel Diffusion

Oilpaint, oilstick & charcoal on 80x80xcm canvas


The Armed Forces Of Life’s Given Lemons

Oilpaint, oilstick, markers & acrylics on 100x100x4cm canvas