Oilpaint, oilstick, glued on cloth & charcoal on 80x80x4cm canvas


Details of tumbling crowns in Rembrandt style oilpainting on 120x160cm canvas


I Got Your Letter 120x160cm (sold)

I got your letter, I couldn’t read it

It was a cryptogram.

Did it say take me with you, or take me as I am?

Part lyrics of Laurie Anderson song: Free Fall

Oil & acrylics on 120x160cm canvas


Oilpaint, silverpigments, charcoal, markers & acrylic paint on 100x100x4cm canvas


Acrylics, markers, chsrcoal, oilpaint & oilstick on 100x100x4cm canvas


Oilpaint, acrylics & charcoal on 100x100x4cm canvas


Oilpaint, charcoal & acrylic paint on 100x100x4cm canvas


All Things (So Much A Do)

Oilpaint, acrylics & oilstick on 120x120cm canvas

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