Ich Bin Ins Bad!

Acrylics, markers, chsrcoal, oilpaint & oilstick on 100x100x4cm canvas ©️borgdenobel2019🤠

Memory In A Haystack

Oilpaint, acrylics & charcoal on 100x100x4cm canvas ©️borgdenobel2019🤠

Flying & Failing At Flying

Oilpaint, oilstick, marker, charcoal & acrylics on 80x80x4cm canvas ©️borgdenobel2019

I Hid My Secrets In A Bed Of Snow

Oilpaint, markers & acrylics on 50x50cm canvas ©️borgdenobel2019

The Tumbling Crowns

Oilpaint on 120x160cm canvas This image is from a dream I had long ago in which the Queen & King of Holland left the scene in a chariot filled with crowns all sorts & sizes that fell out & rolled onto the cobbled street where I stood…I looked up & all I saw was aContinue reading “The Tumbling Crowns”

Mosses, Noughts & Crosses

Oilpaint, pigments, acrylics & oilsticks on 100x100x4cm canvas ©️borgdenobel2018

Except For The Birds

Oilpaint oilstick over a work of my dad on 100x100x6 cm linen ©️borgdenobel2018

All Things (So Much A Do!)

All Things (So Much A Do) Oilpaint, acrylics & oilstick on 120x120cm canvas #painting #contemporaryart #oilpaint #fineart #modernart #oilstick #contemporary #abstractfigurative #mybussiness #colors #alchemy ©️borgdenobel2018

The Dig

Oilstick, oilpaint, acrylics, spraypaynt & permanent marker on 100x100x4cm canvas (2012) ©borgdenobel2018


Oilpaint, oilstick & charcoal on 80x100cm canvas ©me2018

Back In Silence

Oilpaint, spraypaint, acrylics, oilstick, permanent marker & acrylic pen on canvas courtesy of Hanneke Vink ©borgdenobel2018