what about me?

My works are images of distilled memory, emotion and belonging. I try to let go off all attachment to what might pass as judgement or meaning. Once that happened I can be truly free and work on with what comes up. They are my road from the world around me to the unknown and the way out…

My love for words is apparent in almost all my work but I am not a writer. I am a poet maybe, a seeer if you like. Oh! A painter! Without any preset idea of what I’m going to do with quite an eclectic choice of media, be it charcoal or oilpaint, spraypaint or oilpaint-stick or shoepolish..I listen to music or to the birds outside or to the silence and then start out with a line or a word that I write on the canvas with charcoal or marker or paint-stick or whatever really that can be used for that. Inspiration is life, death, music, dreams, instruments, alchemy, books, bottles & their substances, people, nonsense, philosophy & the ridicule of life. I like to use all sorts of media together because of it’s different textures and feel, the dryness of charcoal for instance is so subtle next to the shiny smoothness of oilpaint and nothing has a nicer dark than the velvet of burnt wood. The crumbly texture of oilstick stands out real crisp over a flat surface of color. I often feel like a shaman or some sort of DJ, mixing and smearing, brushing and scraping, looking then wiping with loads of turps and then mixing again then covering it all until I’ve done enough digging with my eyes I can see something emerging that shows itself like a song or a poem and only then there might be subject matter or a core sense that makes me want to look more at what I maybe already saw or knew…only now it’s become a different shape in the square of a canvas.

Born in 1965 in The Netherlands into an artistic family. Both my mom & dad where artists but it was my blind brother that got my first interest in what one can’t see…   Uprooted by the early death of my mom I decided at 15 I wanted to play in gods garden & be an artist . I left home & school and learned silkscreen-printing from a friend. I did some murals in Groningen, traveled a lot and got stuck in NYC off and on, followed some classes at the Art Students League, NYC 1987-1988 & Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam 1989.  Self taught but with guidance and help from artists from NewYork, Berlin, Portugal, South Africa, Germany & Amsterdam, I have been painting ever since…I am in love with light, I am in love with paint, I am in love with color, I am at home as a painter.

I live & work in Kwadijk in The Netherlands




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